Our Philosophy

Feng Shui Consilium - Our Philosophy

What expectations do wie put on Feng Shui rooms, wich we live, sleep and work?

Feng Shui-rooms should be bright, beautiful, harmonious, practical and affordable in terms of costs.


The basic points of Feng Shui are: 

Rooms have to be livable, they form the 3rd skin of mankind. 

  • The ‘first skin’ is our body
  • The ‘second skin’ is our cloths.
  • The ‘third skin’ is the room and changes our points of view towards it.


Houses with its rooms are lving next to us, they protect ourselves from wind and weather. Rooms are saensual And very often a copy of those, who live in them; they form our living-space. Each one of us is living inside them and takes his advantage from them. – A room wakes up, when we enter it!

  • What influence do rooms have on our feeling and our capabilities? 
  • What effects do rooms have on our self-feeling and our efficiency?
  • What emotions do we feel in rooms, that are cold, daughtry,
         loud and badly ventilated and when the colors are too glaring, when the noises are too loud?
  • We become ill-tempted, feel ourselves disturbed and become less powerful!
  • Our mood is improving, when we enter a bright, airy, beautiful and harmonious rooms, that pleases us 
         to Places where we feel comfortable.

We see, hear, smell and breathe the air of the rooms, we feel them with our senses, when there is a unison, a harmony in the room; there is a smile on our lips. The sensuality of the rooms touches our soul and we react with feelings of joy. This is the deep Infinity of a man towards the room that surrounds us.


To live with Feng Shui means movement.

We should enhance our living feeling towards our rooms.

Feng Shui was created though watching nature some 5000 years ago. Feng Shui and architecture form an entity. 

Rooms should embrace us with beauty. Smoothly rounded corners, and harmonious colors and forms. Men should support the rooms in the cycle of feeding of the elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, metal and water).

Pleasing color-games of the walls with healthy colors and a practical biology of the building create an atmosphere of balance and of harmony, thus creating relaxation and innovative, concentrated working. 

Only one who feels good, can deliver, in rooms, that help us get rid of daily problems!


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