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The Baqua of the Three Doors!  


The easiest method described in almost all Feng Shui books is the Bagua of the Three Doors. Accordingly, starting from the entrance,an apartment or a house is divided into 9 square of identical size. To the eight squares located on the outskirts are being assigned certain gols in life/situations in life.

The method of the Bagua of the Three Doors is easy to learn and is used by many counsellors. Usually one cannot do a great harm and taken decisions can be taken back easily. As the Bagua of the Three Doors doesn’t consider times and directions of the compass, it plays only a minor role in a qualified Feng Shui-counsel. There should be a remedy though, when for example a wealth corner is the gent’s room or a relationship-corner isn’t there at all, due to the cut of your rooms.




Forms of Feng Shui

The school of forms is the original method of Feng Shui, developed further after the discovery of the compass.

The schools of forms treats itself mainly with the forms and the contours of the landscape surrounding your house. It has to be considered what kind of influence neighbouring-houses have on your house, or what streets or  A house isolated in the landscape or surrounded by a garden, should be protected/saved by an even higher house or a mountain (black turtle).

In front there should be an open space (red Phoenix) where theChi can gather. There would be a good place for a still or slowly floating water.

To the left (seen from the house) is the green dragon, symbolized by a higher green plantation or a swift hill.

On the right side you chose a low white-flowering plantation. Thus the house, protected by these four heavenly beings, finds itself in a horse-shoe situation and has a free view, ideally to the south. Ancient books promise to families, whose home is embraced by these four animals wealth, success and luck for five generations.

Feng Shui Compass 

With the Feng Shui-compass are distinguished all directions of the house respectively and the Square of Lo Shu the magical square and the Bagua laid over it. To each direction are assimilated an element, a characteristic, a color and a material. Between the elements is formed an equivalent.

Favorable energies are being supported by forms and colors, bad ones are being weakened by useful measures. This is only a part of Feng Shui, as the very important aspect in time is missing.

Flying stars in Feng Shui (Xuan Kong Feng Shui)

Star is a meaning for energy. This method is the most advanced, but it’s also the most costly. In opposition to the Bagua of the Three Doors, which is an American development of new times, the method of the flying stars is the classical one or traditional Feng Shui of China. In Europe there are relatively only a few schools and only a few counsellors trained for this system.

There is taken into consideration, that energies are changing within months years or even bigger time cycles of the solar-calendar. For determining these flows of energy it is important for you to know in which directions which rooms are located, when the house (foundations) has been built. Star is another denomination for energy.

Starting from the mathematical center of the earth and exact measures of the compass your home is divided into eight sectors, each one corresponding to a main- and not so important directions. Now I can see in what rooms what energies flow together, what rooms are suitable to a quiet and vivid use and where what energies are to diminished or increased.


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