The Harmony

Feng Shui and the Harmony


Setting-up to your personal live-situations. 


The five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water as well as the eight directions offer you the possibily of using your rooms related to your personal living-condition and your inner needs and your harmony. 

Especially when a new house is being built, or when there's a moving ahead of you, you should seize the chance of thinking of arranging the spaces according to the rules of Fengshui. 

With the plans of your apartment or of your establishment-plan we can determine all necessary steps according to Fengshui and an exact calculation of your personal data and your living-spaces.   





Please tell us your date of birth!

With this data we can calculate beneficial elements, directions of the compass, colours, material and forms as well as your personal Kua number.

With the help of your personal Kua number we can activate targeted places in your house or your apartment which have a special meaning to you.


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